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ABM-400(600)Vertical automatic deweighting balancing machine

  • product name: ABM-400(600)Vertical automatic deweighting balancing machine
  • Product categories: Fully automatic balancing machine
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Product details
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Product details

1. Introduction of ABM vertical automatic balancing machine

ABM is according to the customer workpiece design requirements, through the way of deweighting to achieve the workpiece balance correction of single vertical automatic deweighting balancing machine. The products are divided into drilling, milling and turning according to the deweighting method (the turning method products are separately introduced); According to the station is divided into single, double and multi - station. Simplex is in a station to complete the measurement, correction and reinspection, the upper and lower workpiece by manual completion; Double station is to measure and recheck in a station, to a single station, up and down the workpiece is also manually completed, the efficiency of the equipment is higher than the simplex station; Multi - station is suitable for connecting the production line equipment, divided into automatic loading and unloading station, measuring station, to the heavy industry and reinspection station. The product is suitable for the flat measurement and automatic correction of disc parts such as brake disc, pulley, brake brake, clutch, flywheel, etc. This series of products generally need to be customized according to the customer's requirements, we will provide to meet the customer's specified work-balancing requirements and parameters reserve higher automatic products

2. Measurement system

industrial control computer, industrial touch screen, Windows operating platform

with the company's independent development of automatic balance measurement system. Write adaptors according to the balancing requirements of customer artifacts

one-key automatic operation and equipment calibration, make equipment operation more concise

3. Mechanical parts and controls

integrated equipment or control and equipment separation, according to your site needs with equipment combination mode

the equipment is equipped with a full security device, a variety of optical, electrical sensors to achieve mechanical and electrical lock, to ensure man-machine security

according to the way to match the workpiece to the weight of the clamping way and displacement action.

PLC control workflow, servo, pneumatic or hydraulic action execution

Note: please contact us for specific requirements of the equipment, and we will give you a good plan

Manufacturer standard configuration parameters

Equipment model abm-400 abm-600

Workpiece mass (kg) 30 80

Artifact large diameter (mm) 400 600

Minimum residual unbalance GMM /kg 2 2

Unbalance reduction rate 90% 90%

Balance speed range (RPM) 150-800 150-800

Spindle servo motor power 3KW 7.5kw

Compressed air (KPa) 600 600

Industrial vacuum cleaners do 

above is the conventional manufacturing single position automatic equipment several main parameters, power head, to refeed servo power according to the way of separate configuration.

to the way of drilling and milling, drilling including drill bit from the top down or from the bottom up, milling including milling circle or milling long

balance fixture can be customized


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